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This appeal arose out of Michael and Sue Clarke’s attempted recovery of earlier financial losses sustained due to the fraudulent investment practices of Zach Latimer. After obtaining a judgment against Latimer, the Clarkes filed a separate action against his wife, Holly Latimer, alleging that the Latimers engaged in transfers of funds that violated the Uniform Fraudulent Transfer Act. The district court found in favor of the Clarkes’ claim after a bench trial but ruled that there was no prevailing party and denied the Clarkes’ request for attorney’s fees and costs. The court also ordered the Clarkes to file a partial satisfaction of judgment in their separate action against Zach and denied their post-trial motion for prejudgment interest. The Clarkes challenged each of these determinations, and sought additional fees and costs for their appeal. After review, the Idaho Supreme Court determined the Clarkes should have been found to be the prevailing party, and the district court erred by ordering the Clarkes to file a partial satisfaction of their judgment in their case against Zach Latimer. The district court did not, however, abuse its discretion by denying the Clarkes' prejudgment interest or attorney's fees, however, they were entitled to costs. View "Clarke v. Latimer" on Justia Law